Administracion Acin initiated business in 1988.

At that time, aware of the carelesness of the established property administrators, we understood the question that apartment owners were faced with on a day to day basis: to keep paying the operational costs that the structures of those companies generated, or to look for other ways of managing their properties, with the knowledge and solvency of one who fully knows the trade, without crossing the road into the usually misfortuned experience of self-managing.

We were born then with the conviction of real day to day problem-solving, and we did it by always keeping in mind the goal of a high standard in customer satisfaction.
Starting with a small structure, keeping close contact with service providers that were the right size for each situation, we achieved what we set out to acomplish. With personalized attention we generated a feedback with our clients that lets us be proud to say that, in today's particular market, we have:

     1. an optimal cost/benefit relation.
     2. one of the lowest non-payment rate (5 %, opposed to 15 % market average)
     3. persistent in-building presence and close supervision in all our buildings.
     4. swift and agile problem solving.

We are still very concious of the efforts our clients make at the time of paying their common expenses. And this is exactly why, day by day, we continue pursuing options that can make their costs drop, without ever losing sight of the well keeping of their units.

We are happy to say that in these years we have grown quite a bit. Nonetheless, we've kept faithful to the founding ideas that made us start Administracion Acin in the first place... This is probably the main reason why we are able to keep most of our customers for more than twice as long as the market's average.

In fact, in all this time, Administracion Acin has not advertized in any form, aside
from the good comments of our customers.

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